LNF72EY Multi function panel meter 72x72mm with Pulse output & RS485 Modbus

  • Accuracy Class – 0.2%/0.5%

  • Output Voltage AC 250V/DC 30V

  • Operating Temperature -10-55℃

  • Dimensions – 72*72mm

  • Certificate – CE, ISO9001

  • Display – LCD

  • Type Multi-function panel meter

  • Frequency – 45-65Hz

  • Rated current -AC 1A/ 5A

  • Rated voltage – AC 100V/380V

  • Communication – RS-485

  • Storage temperature -25℃~70℃

  • Standard IEC-62053

Looking for a reliable and precise digital power meter for your energy management system? Look no further than the Elecnova LNF72EY! This high-quality 72*72mm front panel meter features a large LCD display and Modbus-RTU communication protocol via RS485 interface, allowing for easy integration with third-party management software. With its ability to measure fundamental electric parameters I/U/P/Q/S/F/PF and provide basic power quality analysis, the LNF72EY is the perfect choice for any energy management system. Additionally, its 2-15th individual harmonic display and 4-quadrants reactive energy measuring make it a versatile and powerful tool for any energy management task. And with its bi-directional energy measuring function, it’s perfect for use in solar power plants, Electrical Panels and diesel generators. So why wait? Choose the Elecnova LNF72EY for all your energy management needs today!