PD194Z-9HY Multi function panel meter 96x96mm with Pulse output, RS485 Modbus & Ethernet

The Elecnova PD194Z-9HYE is a highly accurate digital power meter that comes equipped with an RS485 and Ethernet communication interface. With a panel size of 96*96mm, this device provides fundamental electric parameters such as I/U/P/Q/S/F/PF, as well as a basic power quality analyzer. Notably, it is also equipped with individual harmonic displays from the 2nd to 51st harmonic, and can measure 4-quadrants of reactive energy. The bi-directional energy measuring function is especially useful for solar power plants or diesel generators that require dual energy measuring. Additionally, PD194Z-9HYE’s measuring data can be easily integrated into any 3rd party management software, further enhancing its versatility.​​​