The PD194Z-E14 Series digital Multi- Load multifunction energy meter is crafted for precise monitoring of energy usage across a variety of environments, including homes, businesses, industrial spaces, and utilities. This versatile multi-circuit power meter is capable of tracking a wide array of electrical parameters in both three-phase and single-phase power grids. It accurately measures voltage, current, power, frequency, total energy usage, demand, peak values, total harmonic distortion, harmonics from the 2nd to the 31st, as well as imbalance in voltage and current, and supports multi-rate electricity billing. The PD194Z-E14 can handle up to four three-phase circuits or twelve single-phase circuits, offering flexibility in monitoring multiple circuits simultaneously. Featuring an external current transformer access mode and a modular design, the meter allows users to easily select and customize functions based on specific on-site needs, ensuring a tailor-made solution for effective energy management.