Electric Vehicle Charger Metering

Discover Elecnova Europe's Affordable Electric Metering Solutions for EV Chargers
Elecnova Europe's DDS1946-2M series, DTS1946-4M and DTS1946-4P meters are excellent low-cost options for measuring up to 63A direct load in single/three-phase metering systems. Our metering solutions are MID (B+D) certified, and are designed for DIN-Rail mounting, with IP51 front protection and come equipped with Pulsed outputs and RS485 Modbus for added convenience

Pd195z-Cd31f EV Charger DC Kwh Meter

PD195Z-CD31F EV charger DC kWH Meter

The Elecnova Sfere PD195Z-CD31F DC power meter is specially designed for various applications including telecommunications stations, DC charging piles, solar