DTS1946-4M-01 EV charger 3 phase Energy kWH Meter

The Elecnova DTS1946-4M-01 three-phase energy meter plays a pivotal role in accurately measuring power and managing billing for electric vehicle chargers. It boasts MID Class B certification and is capable of handling direct connections with current inputs of up to 63A. Designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions, this energy meter operates effectively in environments ranging from -40℃ to +70℃. Its measurement data seamlessly integrates with the EV charger’s management system through the Modbus RTU communication protocol, making it an essential component for AC wallboxes and charging stations.



MID Certified

63A direct connection


-40℃~+70℃ working temperature

Modbus RTU communication protocol access

Baud rate: 1200~9600 bps

Energy pulse



Ev charger metering

Technical Specification