DDS1946-2M MID Single Phase Energy Kwh Meter

The DDS1946-1P+ Series is a member of the Elecnova 1946 Series of energy meters. This digital multifunction energy meter is designed for accurate energy consumption measurement in various settings such as residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Its compact size, 18mm DIN Rail mounting, and single-phase configuration make it a versatile option for different uses. Notably, this meter can be directly connected to a 100A ac circuit, eliminating the need for an extra current transformer

Equipped with a high definition LCD display featuring a blue back-light, the recorded values are easy to read. Currently, this meter is offered in one version with RS485 Modbus communication capabilities. Housed in a single module width case suitable for 35mm DIN rail mounting, the meter displays essential parameters like Phase to Neutral Voltage (V), Phase Current (A), Power Factor (PF), Active Power (kW), Reactive Power (kVAr), Apparent Power (kVA), and Import Active Energy (kWh).

Technical Specification